Company profile / Mission

HFC is a brand generator known all over the world for the hospitality and elegance of its structures and exports the design, the cooking, and the very best of the Italian’s “Dolce Vita”.

From the feasibility studies of the project to its engineering design and the implementation of production, reception and touristic structures.
Convinced that collective and commercial catering is the base of a more aware touristic culture, HFC forms expert resources able to provide high quality services: cooks, kitchen personnel, waiters, maitre, managers, sanitary and food professionals are constantly kept updated on current laws and procedures, reception techniques, client management and assistance.

The experience developed thanks to the ideation and realization of high quality projects allowed the company to offer a fully integrated, specific and personalized following an precise and tested methodology:

Market analysis and research - Feasibility studies - Business Plan and Marketing Plan

Process desgn and engineering
Brand ideation - Location studies - Project and layout - Analysis and definition of operational flows

Supply chain, equipments
Personalized solution for installation and furnishing - Construction works, hydraulic and electric installations - Supply of raw materials and food processing - Food supply

Education and formation
Professional workshops - Specialized courses - Resources coordination

An expert team dedicated to presale and assistance to clients - Quality control